Acer Campestre Elegant


Vigorous cultivar of the Common Field Maple. It retains a compact, ascending habit. A medium to large tree which we particularly recommend for urban and street plantings. Small, bright green, lobed leaves that appear in the spring time. Following this the Samara fruits are produced and borne on the tree in early summer. In autumn the foliage turns a range of colours, mainly oranges, yellows and browns, before falling. Mature Height 7-12m


Plant in any well drained soil in sun or partial shade, Hardy. Pollution tolerant.


General Tree Planting and care

  • Water the Tree thoroughly and allow to drain fully
  • If the Tree is being planted in a lawn remove a circle of turf
  • Dig a hole twice the size of the pot being planted and fork over the base Adding a bucketful of planting compost
  • Drive in one or two tree stakes a little off centre
  • Remove the pot gently, if the tree is well rooted cut off the pot
  • Position the tree against the stake if one stake is used or in the middle if two are being used
  • Ensure that the top of the Root ball is level with the surrounding soil
  • Replace the remaining soil and heel in well
  • Secure to the stake or stakes using one or two rubber adjustable straps
  • Water the tree and area thoroughly, then again at least once a week during the first growing season
  • Apply some general fertiliser every spring