Cytisus Boskoop Ruby


Cytisus Boskoop Ruby, Broom. A dense evergreen shrub. In late-spring and early-summer the arching stems of this pretty shrub are covered with ruby-red, pea-like flowers. Its compact size is especially suitable for a smaller garden. To prevent the plant from becoming leggy each year reduce flowered stems by a half. Ultimate size: 1.2 m.



Plant in well drained soil. Full sun, Hardy.


General Shrub Planting and care

  • Water the pot thoroughly and allow to drain fully.
  • If the Shrub is being planted in a lawn remove a circle of turf.
  • Dig a hole twice the size of the pot being planted and fork over the base. Adding a bucketful of planting compost.
  • Remove the pot gently, if well rooted cut off the pot.
  • Position used. Ensure that the top of the Root ball is level with the surrounding soil.
  • Replace the remaining soil and heel in, water the Shrub and area thoroughly.
  • Water regular until Shrub is established.
  • Apply some general fertiliser every spring.