Helleborus Hybrid, (Pink, White, Yellow, Red)


A semi-evergreen perennial with divided, glossy, dark green leaves and branched stems bearing bowl-shaped flowers in a range of colours, including white, pink, green, yellow, and purple, sometimes spotted within. Height 0.5 metres, spread 0.5 metres in 2-5 years. Ingestion may cause severe discomfort


Plant in moist fertile soil, Shelter from cold drying winds. Shaded Site, Hardy. Avoid extremes of wet or dry.


General Herbaceous & Perennial Planting and care

  • Water the pot thoroughly and allow to drain fully.
  • Dig a hole twice the size of the pot being planted and fork over the base. Adding some planting compost.
  • Remove the pot gently, if well rooted cut off the pot.
  • Ensure that the top of the Root ball is level with the surrounding soil.
  • Replace the remaining soil and heel in, water the area thoroughly.
  • Water regular until established.
  • Apply some general fertiliser every spring.